A detailed step-by-step roadmap that’s I’m going to follow to get my OSCP—walking my way from the basic to the Top—documenting my OSCP journey.

Main Tools

Introductory Certificates

  • PenTest+ (Plus) Certification (Up Next)
  • ECH-Certified Ethical Hacker

Programming (Python)

  • PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming

Practical Citification

  • eJPT Certification (eLearn security)
  • OSCP (Offensive security)
  • CCNA

Helpful YouTube Channels

About the author

Paul Koroma

My name is Paul Koroma. I'm willing to learn what I don't know, and what I learn, I try my best to get good at. Koroma Tech is my little corner on the internet. I'm a solution-oriented and highly analytical Systems Engineer with years of cross-platform experience.

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