In this article, I’m going to talk about how I studied for and passed the Az104. I will also talk about the process of me overcoming failure and succeeding in the AZ-104 exam. 

 I feel It's crucial for me to openly discuss my failure, as growth often stems from learning how to confront and learn from our setbacks. I will break down my experience into two main parts: first, my reason for failure, and second, the adjustments I made to pass the exam. 

Section 1: Initial Exam Failure

My initial attempt at the AZ-104 exam was marked by a combination of study materials and personal factors. I relied on the official Microsoft guide, specifically the AZ-104 Microsoft Administrator Exam reference book. While this resource is comprehensive and well-structured, I found it lacking in certain areas. 

Despite the book's quality, it didn't provide the hands-on practice and in-depth explanations I needed. To supplement my studies, I also used video courses from IT Pro TV. While these courses aligned with exam objectives and were informative, I didn't fully engage with the lab exercises, a critical error in my approach. 

One major mistake was my assumption that my daily work experience with Azure would suffice for the exam. The reality is that exams focus on specific topics outlined in their objectives, not necessarily daily tasks. Ignoring this fact was a significant blunder. 

 Another contributing factor to my failure was my state of mind on exam day. I faced distractions and wasn't mentally prepared, but I stubbornly chose not to reschedule the exam, leading to further complications. 

Section 2: Adjustments and Success

After failing the exam, I decided to adopt a more structured approach to my studies. Here's what I did differently: 

Thorough Study: I revisited the Microsoft study materials, which are free and comprehensive. I took detailed notes and committed to understanding each module thoroughly. This time, I didn't underestimate the exam's scope.

Hands-On Practice: I realized the importance of practical labs and hands-on experience. I incorporated this into my routine to reinforce my understanding of Azure concepts.

Video Courses: I enrolled in a Udemy course that provided not just information but also guided practice. Following along with the course helped me grasp concepts better.

Practice Tests: I discovered Wizlab's practice tests, which closely resembled the exam's layout. I didn't just take the tests but also reviewed the explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. This deepened my understanding.

Time Management: I managed my time better, ensuring I was mentally prepared on the day of the exam. I knew that even with determination, an unprepared state of mind could lead to failure.

Passing the AZ-104 exam required disciplined and strategic studying. Embrace your failures as opportunities for growth, and you'll be better equipped to succeed in your pursuit of bigger dreams. Remember, learning is a continuous journey, and setbacks are just stepping stones to success. Thank you for reading, and I wish you success in your own endeavors. 


Video Courses/Labs/ Practice Test

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