In out previous video, I talked about  going back to school to Pursuing a Software Engineering Degree at WGU, In Today's video, I want to share my experiences from my first term at Western Governors University (WGU).  If you're considering enrolling or just started, this post will give you an idea of what to expect.

iConnecting with My Program Mentor: After enrolling, I received a welcome email from my program mentor. She provided detailed steps to get started, including completing orientation, opting in for text notifications, and filling out my personal learning guide and course planning tool. This initial guidance was crucial, helping me navigate WGU’s system and set up my schedule.

Restructuring My Course Plan: Initially, I wanted to dive into the tougher courses and save the introductory ones for later, thinking they would make things easier towards the end of my degree. However, my mentor advised starting with the foundational courses to build a solid base for the more advanced topics. Despite my initial reluctance, her advice made sense, and we adjusted my plan accordingly. Having been in IT for a while, I thought the intro class would be a breeze at the end, but starting with it proved to be a smart move. 

My first term included:

  • Introduction to IT
  • Cloud Foundations
  • Scripting and Programming Foundations
  • Introduction to Programming in Python

The introductory courses, while seemingly simple, will help lay an important groundwork. For example, the Cloud Foundations course required passing an AWS certification, which added an external challenge.

Support and Communication: WGU’s support system is impressive. My mentor regularly checked in, offering guidance and encouragement. The detailed course materials and structured plans were immensely helpful, particularly the week-by-week breakdowns. These resources ensured I stayed on track and understood each course's expectations.

Preparing for Assessments: For my first course, I took a pre-assessment to gauge my knowledge. The Introduction to IT pre-assessment was straightforward, which boosted my confidence. I still reviewed all the material thoroughly to ensure I didn’t miss anything before scheduling my objective assessment.

Moving Forward: Looking ahead, I plan to accelerate my studies, taking as many courses as possible each term to finish my degree quickly. The flexibility of WGU’s system allows for this, and with determination and discipline, I’m confident I can achieve this goal.

Starting at WGU is a journey of adaptation and learning for me. For anyone beginning their journey here, I recommend:

  • Connect with your mentor: They provide invaluable advice and support.
  • Follow the course structure: It’s designed to help you succeed.
  • Stay disciplined: Use the provided resources to stay on track.

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