Network-attached storage is a centralized storage server that allows multiple users and heterogeneous clients to access data from the device and share that data within a local network. NAS functions like a local cloud storage. A NAS device is very similar to a computer that is dedicated to storing, archiving, retrieving and connecting all your other personal computers.

Most of us have lost data at one point in our lives, and we all know that it hurts a lot. Losing years worth of personal files such as family pictures and videos can leave you feeling disoriented. 

Fortunately, there are ways of minimizing the risk of losing vital data – one of those ways is by acquiring a reliable network-attached storage device for your home.

A NAS allows you to store data on the device and share the data within a local network. Network-Attached Storage devices have more to offer than storage and sharing functions. Modern NAS devices are equipped with processors and RAM which facilitate in speedy access and transfer of files. A NAS can be more cost-effective than paying recurring amounts for a cloud drive. NAS is an excellent investment for the storage and security of your data.

The wide variety of Network-attached Storage devices in the market can have you feeling confused and unsure of which one to purchase. You, however, don’t need to worry anymore, because this post will serve as a comprehensive guide on buying NAS devices. 

If you are new to the NAS world, we will provide a list of the things to consider when buying such devices. However, if you are already familiar with these devices, you can skip to the next section where we have reviewed some of the best Network-attached storage devices for home use.

After careful consideration of the essential features Network-attached Storage should have, we came up with three of the best NAS devices for most home use. Here, we have provided comprehensive reviews of the three devices.

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS218+ 

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS218+ (Diskless)
  • Encrypted sequential throughput performance at over 113 MB/s reading and 112 MB/s writing
  • Dual-core Processor with AES-NI encryption engine
  • 2GB DDR3L memory (expandable up to 6GB)
  • Advanced Bars file system offering 65, 000 system-wide snapshots and 1, 024 snapshots per shared...
  • Live transcoding of up to two concurrent H. 265/H. 264 4K video streaming

  • This NAS device features 2GB DDR3L1866 memory that is expandable to a maximum of 6 GB.
  • It has a dual-core processor for enhanced performance.
  • Its Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (AES-NI) hardware encryption engine ensures faster data access and sharing.
  • This is a Single Phase appliance with a Power Frequency of 50/60 Hz. Its power consumption is 17.23 W when providing access, and 5.4 W under Hard Disk Hibernation.
  • Its encrypted sequential throughput delivers high speeds at over 113MBps reading and 112 MBps writing.
  • With a sophisticated Btrfs file system, this NAS offers 65,000 total snapshots, and 1,024 snapshots for every shared folder.
  • It supports Live transcoding of two concurrent H.265/h.264 4K video streaming.

A compact and powerful NAS: Synology 2-bay DiskStation utilizes a high-performance dual-core CPU to provide reliable shared storage for homeowners and businesses. It is capable of processing lots of workload without compromising on speeds.

Superior file system for robust data protection: This NAS uses the advanced btrfs file system to deliver the best storage technology and meet the unique needs of different users.

4K video transcoding: It supports H.265/H.264 4K video transcoding in real time, thereby providing convenient and top-quality video playback among users.

File sharing and syncing: The NAS features dedicated support for file sharing protocols which allows everyone at home to share and sync files. File syncing can be done across various devices and from several different locations.

Personal multimedia server: With this storage device, you can transcode 4K videos to 1080p and stream them on various devices such as TVs, PCs, and smartphones, which makes watching your content convenient, since you don’t require a 3rd party player.

Reliable backup: Sinology ensures that your entire multimedia library is safely backed up. With this NAS you remain in control of your data. This device offers a safe, reliable and affordable data backup solution that protects your data from any unintended loss.

Round-the-clock, smart security solution: Surveillance Station uses advanced monitoring and video management tools to help in keeping your home safe and secure. Such means include monitoring various IP cameras through live streaming, and utilization of I/O modules.

QuickConnect, for easy access to files: The QuickConnect feature allows you access to shared files from any location, at any time, over the internet without requiring you to set up some complicated network settings. QuickConnect enables connection via a simple and customizable address, and you can access the files with a wide variety of platforms.

Synology Package Center: This is more than just a storage device. With the Synology Package Center, you can access over 90 add-on applications to choose from. With various add-ons, you can modify your NAS into a cloud syncing host, a multimedia hub, and many other variations.

Robust security features: DiskStation protects your data from cyber threats by deploying advanced security tools. Threats can be blocked automatically with a firewall. A built-in Security Advisor ensures that your system is not vulnerable to attacks. It also detects weak passwords and performs configuration audits. The advanced AES encryption allows you to enable data storage and network lockdowns when the need arises.


NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN422D2 2 Bay 4TB Desktop High Performance NAS, 20TB Capacity, Intel 1.5GHz Dual Core Processor, 2GB RAM, RN422D2-100NES
  • ULTIMATE STORAGE - Two 2TB desktop hard drives included for out the box RAID setup
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE - Get 2x faster business application processing with the latest 64-bit technology
  • STORAGE FROM THE NETWORK EXPERT- Professional grade NAS, designed in-house by the market leader in...
  • OUR BEST BACKUP PLAN - Protect your data against ransomware with the most effective on-premises data...
  • EASIEST MANAGEMENT - Easy monitoring and maintenance with NETGEAR Insight app

  • High performance –the 64-bit technology doubles processing speeds. Its dual-core processor delivers great performance.
  • This is a professional-grade NAS made to the best standards for high-quality services.
  • Topnotch backup solutions – your data will be protected against ransomware with the most reliable back up plan.
  • Effective and efficient management – the NETGEAR Insight app allows convenient monitoring and maintenance.

High-powered NAS: With a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, this NAS Ensures reliability in storage and data sharing. The processor is powerful enough to serve the entire local network. It is perfect for either home or business use.

Cutting-edge storage technology: It utilizes advanced storage technology for optimal performance. Retrieving data can be done efficiently.

File sharing and syncing: Sharing and syncing files can be done at high speeds. This NAS device supports multiple simultaneous sharing of multimedia files, across all kinds of devices. You can use it at home to share videos, music files, and pictures.

Network Collaboration: the NAS supports effective collaboration with a high number of simultaneous users. You can easily and securely access your files from different locations.

Cloud backup: utilizes cloud computing to back up your data with such services as Amazon Web Services, Google Drive and Dropbox. It can also create a backup of your data by replicating and having it stored in another ReadyNAS.

Large storage capacity: will provide enough storage for your entire family. With a maximum storage capacity of 20TB, this device will serve all your storage needs, whether at home or work.

Multi-functionality: This NAS device addresses the challenges of increasing amounts of data, protecting data, secure access to data, access by multiple users, all while maintaining high speeds and reliability. It is a high-performance storage.

Robust Security: Five levels of data protection. ReadyCLOUD allows secure and automated VPN access to files. It utilizes advanced data security tools to detect and prevent any cyber threats. It supports round-the-clock monitoring of security issues.

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS218j 

Synology 2 bay NAS DiskStation DS218j (Diskless)
  • A versatile entry-level 2-bay NAS for home and personal cloud storage
  • Over 113 MB/s reading, 112 MB/s writing
  • Dual-core CPU with hardware encryption engine. Operating Temperature: 5°C to 40°C (40°F to...
  • Everywhere access with iOS/Android/Windows ready mobile apps
  • An integrated media server supporting multimedia streaming.Maximum Single Volume Size:16 TB

  • This is a highly-versatile 2-bay NAS perfect for home cloud storage. It is an entry-level NAS that provides convenience in personal cloud storage.
  • It delivers over 113 Mbps reading and 112 Mbps writing. It utilizes a Dual-core processor with powerful hardware encryption engine.
  • Its optimal operating temperatures are 5 – 40 degrees Celsius.
  • With this NAS device, you can access your data from any location using iOS, Windows, or Android devices.
  • It features an integrated media server that offers support for efficient multimedia streaming.
  • It is powered by DiskStation manager.

Your own private cloud: This NAS provides sufficient storage capacity for all your storage needs at home. You can store movies, music, photos, important family data comfortably, while still maintaining total control over the stored data.

It uses DiskStation Manager, a sleek operating system, that offers convenience by simplifying the data backup process and enabling data access from remote locations. The operating system also supports high-speed multimedia streaming.

File sharing and syncing: The NAS offers sufficient support for file sharing protocols and operating systems. Once data is centralized, multiple users can access it using the various major platforms. It also supports data syncing across different devices and multiple locations as well.

Personal multimedia server: The NAS can serve as a home media hub where you stream videos, TV shows, music, and pictures to multiple platforms such as TVs, personal computers, and smartphones.

Reliable backup: All your files are safe and secure with this affordable backup solution. You can rest easy knowing that your data will not be lost accidentally.

24/7 smart security solution: The monitoring and video surveillance tools offered by the NAS Surveillance Station deliver protection for your home. It enables real-time monitoring from remote locations. It also provides you with event notifications and smart analytics.

Easy access to files: You don’t need to perform complicated network settings to access data with this NAS. Access to files is straightforward, can be done remotely over the internet. Accessing data is also doable at any time. Connection is made via a straightforward address that works with all the major platforms. The address is also customizable for extra convenience.

Access to Multiple Applications: Other than storage and sharing of data, this Network-attached storage device has much more to offer. The Synology Package Center avails over 90 applications that you can add on to your system. This enables you to effect a wide range of modifications to your device.

As an example, you can modify your NAS into a family multimedia hub where everyone at home accesses movies, music, and pictures. The NAS can also be modified into a cloud syncing host. You have access to all kinds of apps that can enhance your user experience.

What are the factors to consider when shopping for a Network-attached Storage/NAS

  • Diskless drives - most network-attached storage devices are sold diskless. It is therefore important to factor in that you will need to purchase hard drives separately.
  • Type of processor – this determines the processing power of the NAS. Just like personal computers, NAS devices are installed with a CPU. NAS CPUs are similar to PC processors, except for differences in processing power. Since NAS devices are dedicated to storage and data sharing, they do not need extremely powerful processors for them to perform effectively.
  • Random access memory – again, just like PCs, NAS have RAM. Random access memory determines the speeds at which data is accessed in the disk drives. More RAM would be better for your NAS.
  • Bay count –bay count refers to the number of disk drives a NAS device can accommodate. The total storage capacity of a NAS depends on the number of bays and the capacity of each hard drive.
  • Redundant Arrays - redundant arrays work as backups in case the NAS malfunctions in one way or the other. Redundant discs can protect the data stored on your device and enhance system speeds.

Final Thoughts

Network-attached Storage devices can be a good investment if approached wisely. These devices provide safety and security for your data, and they are reasonably affordable.

Every family or business is faced with different data needs. This makes it impossible to single out one great NAS for everyone. Eventually, you have to make the ultimate choice based on your needs and preferences.

The main features of the NAS device should be thoroughly looked into because the performance of your device depends on this. Perhaps the two most important features to look at are processor and storage capacity. You, of course, want a processor that is powerful enough to serve your data needs.A slow processor can cause delays while sharing and retrieving data. It can make the entire network slow.

It is also crucial that you carefully consider your data needs before buying a NAS, as this will enable you to make a better decision. We hope that this guide will help you acquire the most suitable Network-attached device for your home use.

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