We’re going to talk about three certificates that are good for beginners. These are not certificates that are good for people that have been in IT for a while. If you've been in IT for a while, you don't necessarily need to get these certificates. Not unless your company wants you to. these certificates are geared towards people that are just getting started and don’t know where to start.

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CompTIA A+ Certification

Number one on the list is the CompTIA A+. The reason why the CompTIA A+ is on the list is because it’s meant to teach you a lot of the fundamentals about hardware and software. If you're just getting started in IT, you need to understand how computer works, the hardware, the software and where to go to find things.

This certificate teaches you that.  It teaches you how to put a computer together. The components and what each component do. It teaches you all the fundamental things you need to know that are going to become crucial as you move up in IT, So the CompTIA A+ is number one on my list because it's needed for you to be able to understand the fundamentals.

 I know a lot of people overlook the CompTIA A+ because it's not going to make you a lot of money when you start, but the problem with that is you're going to find that you don't understand the basics as you move up, and a lot of these advanced certificates don't go back and try to teach you the basics. That's not what they're there for. The advanced certificates are meant to move you forward, not backwards. So, it's very important if you're just getting started to take the A+.

CompTIA Network+

Now that you've taken and pass the CompTIA A+ because you are a Rockstar! It’s time to move on to the next fundamental thing you need to understand. The next certification on the list is the CompTIA Network+. This is a very important certification because it teaches you the basic of networking. Networking is very important because without networking, no computer will be able to communicate, and the CompTIA Network+ teaches you the fundamental of networking.

It teaches you the basic of networking, and all the components you need to understand.  The Network Plus is very important and that's why it's second on the list, because right after you understand the basic of  computers, you need to understand how the computers communicate and the CompTIA Network+ really does a good job on getting you started.

CompTIA Security+

Okay, so the last certification on the list is the CompTIA Security+. The Security+ teaches you a lot of the things you need to understand about security. You need to understand the fundamental of security because you don't want someone calling asking you to reset the password for someone else’s account. 

It helps you understand the procedures you need to follow before doing things like that and not get into trouble for it.  It helps you know what to look out for and how to make sure you’re doing things the right way and not jeopardizing your user’s information.

These little things become very important as you move on from help desk and start climbing the IT ladder. The CompTIA Security+ is on the list because it teaches you a lot of the basics, a lot of the fundamental things you need to understand about security.

These are the three certificates that you need to get if you're just getting started in IT.  They will help you get a better understanding of the fundamentals. If you're just getting started in IT, and you don't know where to go. Get these three certificates and start applying yourself. Start building labs outside of work. Put in the work. learn a lot of the basic concept, and I guarantee you, you're most likely going to be able to get an entry level position.

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