In today's video, we're diving into an exciting new chapter in my life: my return to school to pursue a degree in software engineering. This journey is one I hope will inspire and guide those of you looking to embark on a similar path.

Before delving into my experience with Western Governors University (WGU), I want to share why I decided to get a degree in software engineering. I've always been inspired by the anime "Solo Leveling," where the protagonist transforms from feeling powerless to becoming incredibly capable. This resonates with me deeply. A quote I also love is, "You cannot change your past, but you can change your future starting now." With hard work, anyone can become a better version of themselves.

Even though I'm at a stage in my career where I could continue without a degree, I feel a personal need to get this degree. It's not about having the degree itself but about the knowledge and growth it represents. I'm disciplined and financially capable now, and I see no reason to delay this challenge any longer.

Why I Choose WGU: I chose WGU because it's an accredited institution with excellent reviews. The six-month term structure is particularly appealing. You can take a set number of classes, and if you finish them early, you can add more within the same term. This setup allows for a lot of flexibility and efficiency, which is crucial for someone like me who wants to push through quickly.

Transferring Credits and Enrollment Process: I was able to transfer 18 credits from my community college, which leaves me with 101 credits to complete my bachelor's degree. WGU estimates that this could take until 2028, but my plan is to accelerate the process and finish much sooner by maximizing my course load each term.

The enrollment process at WGU has been smooth. The portal they provide helps you track everything you need to do, from submitting paperwork to selecting your start date. The communication with my counselor has been excellent, making the whole process straightforward and supportive.

After enrollment, I was introduced to my program mentor and went through an orientation that familiarized me with the online portal and resources. This preparation has been invaluable in helping me navigate the system and set myself up for success.

I'm set to start classes on the first of the upcoming month. My goal is to challenge myself and grow, not necessarily to become a software developer but to understand and utilize these skills to enhance my career as a systems engineer. Learning to script and create tools will make my work more efficient and push me toward my ultimate career goals.

This video marks the beginning of a new playlist where I'll document my entire journey through this degree program. I'll share insights into the classes I take, my experiences, and the challenges I face. My hope is that this will provide valuable guidance for anyone considering a similar path in IT.

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Paul Koroma

Hey there, I'm Paul—a relentless seeker of knowledge and an IT enthusiast on a quest for personal growth. Soccer and IT have always ignited a fire within me, igniting my drive to create Koroma Tech. It's not just my own journey; it's an opportunity to uplift others as I forge my path in this ever-evolving field. Challenges excite me—they're the fuel for my growth. Every day presents a new hurdle, but it's a challenge I've learned to embrace wholeheartedly.