Amazon has introduced the latest Kindle with some great features where readers can read on screen and write with a stylus. The latest Amazon Kindle Scribe is the most expensive model so far. It comprises 10.2 in screen, 8.8in Paperwhite, and 7in Oasis. The Kindle resembles the E-ink screen technology, has higher resolution colors, and can be read in any light type.

The Kindle has a natural read and writes style similar to actual papers. You can also make sticky notes using numerous titles available in the Kindle store. Amazon Kindle Scribe allows you to create journals, notebooks, and lists like checklists, templates, and grid papers. You can import some documents through the Kindle app or desktop web browser. First, you can start by writing journals on Microsoft word or pdf files. Afterward, transfer the documents through your email. In the future, Kindle will introduce new features that  will allow users to have access to more writing tools such as new extra notebooks, organization options, and sending documents directly from Microsoft word.

The touchscreen has a smooth feeling and has high responsive power like a smartphone. The body is made of 5.8mm recycled aluminum with a premium and solid feeling. The corner parts of the Kindle are rubberized to ensure that it remains intact on the table. The screen auto-rotates; thus, you can hold the Kindle from any side.

Reading On the Scribe

The reading experience is similar to other Kindles. You can obtain numerous e-books and audiobooks. If you need the books, you can purchase them from Amazon. The Kindle is compatible with WI-FI graphics, audiobooks, and download text linked to the internal storage.

The screen has a 433g weight, allowing you to hold it with one hand comfortably. It gives you a great reading experience that you can use on the couch or in your favorite spot.

Writing On the Scribe

The Kindle Scribe offers an excellent writing experience. The screen's surface has a paper-like feeling for easy writing, where the stylus can quickly write with the right amount of friction. The screen allows you to annotate books using typed or handwritten sticky notes.

The notebook feature serves as a replacement for the paper journal. You  can have numerous notebooks and arrange them in folders for easy access. You are offered eighteen templates whereby you select what you want, including schedules, calendars, sheet music, grids, and blank and line pages.

Scribe is an excellent paper replacement. However, it does not have advanced writing features from other devices. You can only view and have no editing options unless you incorporate notebooks through the Kindle app on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. When you transfer documents to Scribe for markup, they are treated like books; thus, they are shared in the reading library.


Amazon offers no exact battery life period. Nevertheless, the battery should last and exceed 500 complete charge cycles of 80% of the original capacity. 

The Kindle comprises 100% recycled aluminum and 48% recycled plastic. The material ensures that the device lasts for an extended period. 


  • The device has a large screen for easy accessibility and visibility.
  • The battery life serves for an extended period.
  • There is auto-brightness where you adjust brightness.
  • The device is made from recycled aluminum.
  • You acquire a great reading experience.


  • The writing experience delivered is essential.
  • The device does not recognize the user's handwriting.
  • The device does not allow seamless syncing of notebooks.

Kindle Scribe specifications

  • Screen: 10.2-inch paperwhite 300 ppi variable front line LCD.
  • The product's dimensions are 196 mm by 229 mm by 5.8 mm.
  • It Weighs 433g
  • No resistance to water.
  • Wireless Internet, USB Type-C, and Bluetooth.
  • Expected runtime of 12 weeks, allowing 30 minutes of daily use with the display off.
  • · There's either 8GB or 32GB of storage space.
  • Kindle (AZW/AZW3), TXT, pdf, unprotected MOBI, and PRC are all supported natively.

The Scribe has the great size that most people have been looking for. The finest reading experience is provided by the device's high-quality screen, long battery life, large eBook library, and high-end build. You can use the device on the coach as you hold it since it is not heavyweight.

It's a great device that offer an excellent reading experience. You can take notes from a million books delivered with a high-resolution display. The premium pen does not require charging, and the device offers extended writing and reading hours without exhausting the battery quickly.

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