About Anil

An information technologies systems engineer with a background in multiple different product suites. Anil has worked in the commercial IT sector, as well as the government contract and DoD space and handled several technology stacks differing in vendors, components, and functionality. From automation via scripting languages to standing up software application environments and infrastructure, to operational tasks such as IT and cyber security practices.


  • Completed build-outs of numerous application environments, consisting of but not limited to web servers, file servers, databases, application servers, directory services, domain controllers and other infrastructure components.
  • Successfully automated various tasks and reports via scripting languages such as PowerShell, as well as automation tools such as Selenium.
  • Well versed with different cloud provider platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS.
  • Experienced with a vast amount of different technological products and suites such as MS Windows Servers, Linux, Office 365 and Exchange, ProofPoint, Active Directory, VMware, WordPress, and more.