About Paul

Paul is a solution-oriented Systems Engineer, bringing a joyful touch to the realm of technology. With extensive cross-platform experience in systems administration, who excels in analyzing, installing, maintaining, deploying, and repairing hardware, software, networks, servers, mobile devices, and peripherals. Focused on delivering strong support and innovative tech solutions while minimizing downtime. With a customer-centric approach and attention to detail, he optimizes system performance, exceeding expectations with a smile. Thriving in dynamic environments, he stays updated on industry trends, providing exceptional IT support. Committed to continuous improvement, Paul empowers organizations and individuals, leveraging expertise and collaboration to make a brighter tech future.


  • Proficient in setting up development environments from scratch, including the installation of SQL, OpenText Appworks, OTDS (OpenText Directory Services), and other servers, skilled in configuring cluster environments and installing various applications, provided engineering support to developers, and collaborated closely to facilitate seamless code deployment across multiple applications in a development environment.
  • Served as a reliable escalation point for troubleshooting NetDocuments, Exchange, and other technical issues, providing exceptional service to users by promptly resolving challenges and ensuring satisfaction, skillfully assigned permissions for NetDocuments users to groups, workspaces, and documents, and demonstrated proficiency in creating and managing users and groups within Active Directory for streamlined access control and administration.
  • Proficiently configured SolarWinds N-central for remote monitoring and management, expertly configured SonicWALL Firewall with VPNs, and performed server building, configuration, maintenance, and management tasks with detailed knowledge of server environments, hardware components, and network services.
  • Acted as an escalation point, providing prompt and reliable support for major escalation issues and maintaining effective communication with end-users for customer satisfaction, successfully managed the migration process from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for over 300 computers with minimized downtime and a smooth transition, and provided Microsoft 365 support, assisting users with questions, issues, Active Directory tasks, and secure domain network connections.